• Island Time

    Posted on June 21, 2014 by in Pontoon Adventures

    island time








    It”s Island Time, and it is one of the best ways you can spend  your Panama City Beach, Florida vacation.   We have  just the place for that at Shell Island.   Our pontoon boats will allow you to experience  life on Island Time at Shell Island in a little as ten minutes.  We are the closest boat rental place to Shell Island.   Shell Island also has natural life on it as well so be sure to remember while visiting shell island you are doing just that visiting.  The island is an important nesting area to migrating birds as well as a popular snorkeling and boating area.  The island also is well known for bottled nosed dolphins.  Shell Island is home to one of the highest concentrated areas for dolphins.   We ask that when you get ready to leave take a second look around and bring back everything you took over.   Remember this is an undeveloped barrier island with no facilities on it.   While our pontoons can pull up close to the island we ask that you anchor out in about waste deep water the tides can change on you and then you will become stuck if you get to shallow.   If you do not feel comfortable being the Captain of your on boat let one of our Shell Island Shuttle ferries take you over. We hope you enjoy your Panama City Beach, Florida vacation and we will see you on Shell Island.